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Words cannot express the shifts I experienced reading this. My family does holy communion together every week, but I have received understanding that everything we engage in relationally, in life, is holy communion. I see this as being in communion with all of life in an animistic way. The Eucharist feels important in all of it as a medicine pathway to deepen my perception of this.

This reading touched me deeply, helped me see this more truly. And also just want to say the image of a full moon is such a powerful confirmation of some things for me. Thank you for the poignant read. I'll be sharing this series with my family during holy communion. 💙

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Little late reading this part. I love it.

Part of what you wrote reminded me of something Rohr says in Universal Christ, he basically says Jesus asked us to follow him (do what he was doing) but he never asked us to worship him. But instead of imitating the church largely got caught up in making sure christians worshipped him.

Different people come to the realization different ways but that book of his, once I let go of some limiting beliefs, was one of the things that helped me open up to experiencing how connected everything is.

I definitely agree with you that Jesus was showing us a kind of magic. A blueprint, and it's in the working it out that changes happen. I als find churches seem to have lost that notion. Both Allan Watts and Ram Dass have said things along this line. The institutional forms of the church anways. Clearly many people still find the magic, it seems to happen more outsite of the "accepteable" church channels now.

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